Friday, November 9, 2012

Sunday at the Melrose Trading Post!

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(Asos beanie, H&M denim shirt, Raybans sunglasses, New York t-shirt from a dollar store,)

Every time I'm in LA I always make sure to stop by the Melrose Trading Post! It's one of the best flea markets I've been to and I never come out empty handed. They have everything from vintage furniture and artwork to jewelry and clothing! My boyfriend and I love being able to find things that we can't find back in NYC. My boyfriend's first stop is to check out what new bead necklaces he wants to add to his collection. My first stop is usually the clothes! I was lucky enough to find two sweaters for 8 bucks each and a really cute pair of wide leg pants! VidaKush is a brand that I discovered on Instagram recently and I was so excited to get a close up view of their awesome accessories at the flea! They have really fun pieces that every girl would love to own! If you're ever in LA on a Sunday make sure to stop by the Melrose Trading Post. You won't be disappointed!