Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LA Delay!


At this very moment I was supposed to be on a flight to LA, but as you all probably know, Hurricane Sandy has swept through NY and caused major havoc on transportation, travel, and pretty much everything else. Then I received that dreaded email that my flight was cancelled. I was majorly bummed to say the least. Now I leave tomorrow afternoon but I guess I must see it as the universe at work. Maybe for whatever reason I'm supposed to be in NY right now. Luckily my entire family and myself are doing just fine. Considering I live in a high rise building in Times Square, I haven't had to deal with power outages and flooding. I feel very blessed to have gotten through this storm safe and sound and I'm praying for anyone who has had a rough time through all this and the people and families who were affected by this hurricane. Fortunately the storm has died down and I get to say farewell to NY tomorrow for a few sunny days. My schedule is going to be a little tight while I'm out there but I'm sure I can schedule in a couple of things so feel free to email me at michellejailine@gmail.com.

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