Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun Fall Trend: Varsity Jackets!


Varsity jackets are a timeless piece in my opinion. I absolutely love them and think they add a cool factor to any oufit! Kim was recently seen wearing one at the Louise Goldin Spring 2013 fashion show at Milk Studios in New York City. She wore it with heels of course and that's exactly how I have worn mine before! You can also wear them with sneakers, flats, brogues, and oxfords as well. Taylor Swift was recently seen in one and my personal favorite fashion editor Miroslava Duma has also been spotted wearing one! I own a varsity jacket in navy blue and white that I purchased last fall in a size small in the men's section of H&M in LA and I definitely plan to throw it on this fall. If you can't find a female one in your size, you can always buy a men's one in a size small and I promise you it will look perfect! Urban Outfitters has great varsity jackets for both men and women and make sure to check out Forever 21 for plenty of inexpensive options! Thrift stores and vintage shops always carry these kinds of jackets as well if you're looking for something special that probably only you will have! The last time I was in LA, American Vintage on Melrose Ave had tons of them and the Salvation Army and Goodwill here in NY are sure to carry a few!


  1. this baseball/bomber jacket trend is starting to get to me too - love it so much :)
    would you like to follow each other?

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  2. Never knew Kim also wears varsity jackets, this is the first time i have seen her with one, she has such fantastic body anything will look good on her.

    1. yea she wore it during ny fashion week! and yes i totally agree so many things look good on her!